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MCM14 Training, Week 6: Hope for Me Yet

Date Workout Miles Avg Pace Monday, 8/18Yoga0--Tuesday, 8/19Rest0--Wednesday, 8/20Yoga0--Thursday, 8/21Regular Run59:38Friday, 8/22Rest49:26Saturday, 8/23Long Run/Yoga129:43Sunday, 8/24Yoga in the Park0--
Total Weekly Mileage: 21.5
So, this was my break week. But it doesn't look exactly like a break week. I made it through four days in a row (including the Sunday you don't see) without running (and check out all the yoga!). And then I tried a lower-mileage run on Thursday morning to assess where I was, pain-wise. It wasn't too bad, but my foot still hurt afterward as I was walking around. I'd made an appointment to see a sports massage therapist after work on Thursday, not having very high hopes for treatment--not because I didn't think the guy was good, but because I didn't think massage was an effective treatment for my particular problem (bursitis, or metatarsalgia). So I spent a half hour with Pete Pfannerstill, of UltraSports Massage Therapy, who has a rathe…

MCM14 Training, Week 5: A Setback

Date Workout Miles Avg Pace Monday, 8/11Regular Run69:33Tuesday, 8/12Regular Run99:47Wednesday, 8/13Rest0--Thursday, 8/14Regular Run69:37Friday, 8/15Rest0--Saturday, 8/16Long Run169:45Sunday, 8/17Yoga in the Park0--
Total Weekly Mileage: 37

My training runs are feeling better in some respects--endurance, mind set, time (sometimes)--but in another respect, I'm concerned about my ability to fully train for this marathon. My left foot, the one with bursitis, has been hurting again. It hasn't gotten so bad that I feel I can't run through it, and in fact the pain isn't the worst while I'm running--it's the days after when I'm just walking around that I feel the most pain. I just want to walk in giant, protective marshmallow shoes (perhaps I should try the Hoka One Ones). But the underlying issue would still be there. So what do I do? I've decided to take a bit of a break this week to see how much better I can feel. If my condition improves, I may go down to ru…

MCM14 Training, Week 4: Excuses, Excuses

Date Workout Miles Avg Pace Monday, 8/4Regular Run59:18Tuesday, 8/5Rest0--Wednesday, 8/6Regular Run99:50Thursday, 8/7Regular Run69:35Friday, 8/8Rest0--Saturday, 8/9Long Run159:56Sunday, 8/10Yoga in the Park0--
Total Weekly Mileage: 35
This past week of training was a tough one to get through--and it only marks a quarter of the way through my training plan. I had to spend a lot of time talking myself into running.

I don't know where Monday's speedier time came from; this is typically a "recovery"run from Saturday's long run, so I expect it to be a little sluggish. But that's what I was feeling that night, so I went with it. Perhaps it had something to do with running in the evening that day as opposed to the morning, which I've almost primarily been doing lately. And since I haven't made any real  efforts to do speed work, this can be my speed work for the week--especially because my faster pace didn't last.

I had planned to wake up early Tuesday to …

MCM14 Training, Week 3: A Run Down Nostalgia Lane

Date Workout Miles Avg Pace Monday, 7/28Regular Run69:40Tuesday, 7/29Regular Run89:45Wednesday, 7/30Regular Run39:12Thursday, 7/31Regular / Speed 59:30Friday, 8/1Rest0--Saturday, 8/2Long Run149:52Sunday, 8/3Rest0--
Total Weekly Mileage: 36

Last week was a pretty successful training week, meaning that I met my weekly mileage and didn't get hurt doing it (my standards for training success have lowered over the years). One change I knew I needed to make was leaving my Seminole Heights neighborhood for Tuesday morning's "medium"-length run (I can only circle the Sem Hi 'hood so many times), which meant getting up extra early to drive to Bayshore. I looked for many excuses not to do this run, even after Tim and I got to the start of it (it was very lightly sprinkling outside), but eventually I did the eight miles--every difficult step of it. And guess what? I got rained on, and I was thankful for it in the stifling heat. Also, I saw more dolphins than I'd ever seen i…