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Gasparilla Half Marathon: How I Ran the Perfect Race (for Me)

The week prior to the Gasparilla Half Marathon was not shaping up to be the ideal pre-race week. I was overburdened with and stressed out by work--both at my full-time job and at home with editing projects; I came down with a cold--what seemed to be a combination of a sinus and ear infection; and the weather was turning warmer and more humid than it had been in months. But I was determined to PR this race, which meant I had to be in top shape. I rested, I regularly drank a potent tea of lemon, ginger, honey, garlic (yep), and cinnamon, and I tried to get as much work off my plate as possible. I only ran twice, I did one night of yoga, and I rested Friday and Saturday before the race.

My "Pre-Gaming"
I was feeling pretty good Saturday morning when I got up early to go watch that day's races--the 15k and the 5k. I met up with Josh and his triathlon training group and cheered on the runners passing by. Cheering, when done well, is a lot of work. One must be constant and cons…

Gasparilla HM Training: Week 4: Picking Up the Pace

*This post was begun weeks ago, but I stopped about halfway through, got busy with life, and didn't post for the remainder of training.
Last week was a great week of training. I did almost everything I wanted to, aside from Ashtanga on Sunday, but I also realized that I need to have a rest day. My body was asking for it. I hate to sacrifice that yoga class, but if I'm going to be in the kind of training shape I want to be in, it's a sacrifice that must be made.

Week 4: 1/14/13 - 1/20/13
M: 3.1 mi (E)
T: 5 mi (P)
W: CrossBoot (XT)
R: 4 mi (E)
F:hot yoga (XT)
Sa: 8 mi (LSD)
Su: rest
Weekly mileage: 20.1

Key: (E) = Easy; (P) = Pace; (LSD) = Long Slow Distance; (XT) = Cross Training

On Monday, right after work (or perhaps a teensy bit before the end of the work day), I left to meet my friend Cameron at Trout Creek for a trail run. I've been wanting to do more trails, and she was sort of familiar with this one and knew of an approximate 5k route we could do. I'd run in Tro…

Gasparilla HM Training: Weeks 5-9 (a Backlog)

Key: (E) = Easy; (P) = Pace; (LSD) = Long Slow Distance; (XT) = Cross Training

Week 5: 1/21/13 - 1/27/13
M: 5 mi (P) + yin yoga (XT)
T:  6 mi (E)
W: rest
R: 6.1 mi (P)
F:hot yoga (XT)
Sa: 11mi (LSD)
Su: yoga in the park (XT)/ swing dancing
Weekly mileage: 28.1

Week 6: 1/28/13 - 2/3/13
M: 5.69 mi (E)
T: rest/ swing dancing
W: CrossBoot (XT)
R: 5 mi (P)
F:9 mi (LSD)
Sa: rest/ swing dancing
Su: 3mi (E)/ yoga in the park (XT)
Weekly mileage: 22.69

Week 7: 2/4/13 - 2/10/13
M: 4 mi (E)
T: 4 mi (P)
W: CrossBoot (XT)
R: 6 mi (P)
F:CrossBoot (XT)
Sa: 12 mi (LSD)
Su: donation yoga (Bella Prana)
Weekly mileage: 26

Week 8: 2/11/13 - 2/17/13
M: 6.32 mi (E)
T: 4 mi (P)
W: mini strength workout
R: 6 mi (P)
F:CrossBoot (XT)
Sa: 8 mi (LSD)
Su: yoga in the park (XT)
Weekly mileage: 24.32

Week 9: 2/18/13 - 2/24/13
M: rest
T: 4 mi (P)
W: Jivamutki yoga (XT)
R: 6 mi (P)
Sa: rest
Su: GASPARILLA HALF MARATHON - 9:03 avg pace, sub-2hr finish!/ yoga in the park (XT)
Weekly mileage: 23.21