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MCM14 Training, Weeks 13 & 14

Week 13

Date Workout Miles Avg Pace Monday, 10/6Regular Run69:34Tuesday, 10/7Regular Run99:41Wednesday, 10/8Rest0--Thursday, 10/9Regular Run69:38Friday, 10/10Rest0--Saturday, 10/11Long Run149:52Sunday, 10/12Rest0--
Total Weekly Mileage: 35

Week 14

Date Workout Miles Avg Pace Monday, 10/13Regular Run59:29Tuesday, 10/14Regular Run79:47Wednesday, 10/15Rest0--Thursday, 10/16Regular Run69:31Friday, 10/17Rest0--Saturday, 10/18Long Run109:27Sunday, 10/19Rest0--
Total Weekly Mileage: 28

Oops. I fell behind on posting. I'm actually in my 15th (and final) week of training leading up to this Sunday's Marine Corps Marathon. The last two weeks have gone pretty well--with some on and off foot pain (and lots of rest, you might have noticed). At this point, I'm just going to go up there and give it my best effort. I don't think I'm going to do any major damage to my foot; I'm not trying to beat my PR. My last long run was a bit faster than the previous ones (and much shorter), and I think i…

MCM14 Training, Week 12: All Systems Go

Date Workout Miles Avg Pace Monday, 9/29Regular Run69:41Tuesday, 9/30Regular Run99:55Wednesday, 10/1Rest0--Thursday, 10/2Regular Run79:44Friday, 10/3Rest0--Saturday, 10/4Long Run219:57Sunday, 10/5Yoga0--
Total Weekly Mileage: 43

Last week was the week I was waiting for. It was the peak of my training schedule, and my success or failure in getting through it would, I believed, determine whether I'd be able to go into MCM feeling capable. And I was successful! So much, in fact, that I ran one extra mile than I'd planned for my long run (but mostly because I misjudged the distance).

I didn't run the full distances on my training plan during the week, as I've still been hesitant about my foot, but I didn't feel my long run was negatively impacted because of it. For the first time in a while, I ran with two other friends who are also running the marathon. I'd gotten so accustomed to running by myself that I forgot how much I enjoyed running with others--others who run my s…

MCM14 Training, Week 11: Get It Done

Date Workout Miles Avg Pace Monday, 9/22Regular Run59:15Tuesday, 9/23Regular Run810:28Wednesday, 9/24Rest0--Thursday, 9/25Regular Run79:57Friday, 9/26Rest0--Saturday, 9/27Long Run1810:01Sunday, 9/28Rest0--
Total Weekly Mileage: 38

Last week's theme was simply to "get it done." My runs have been slower lately, but I'm getting through them and my foot seems to me handling the mileage, so I'm OK with the decreased speed. I also ran most of my runs, except for the long one, in the evenings, which my body wasn't adapted to.

Monday's run was one of the last runs of my mini vacation (at home), and perhaps that had something to do with the better pace. I was also coming off of a pretty short long run a couple days back. I guess conditions were just good for that run, which I did once more at Upper Tampa Bay Trail, after visiting with my nieces.

On the Tuesday run, because I was on my last day of mini vacay, I was reluctant to get up early in the morning to run. I started…