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2014 Goals

I wasn't gonna do it, but measuring my progress on last year's goals was such a fun exercise that I thought, why deny myself that same pleasure in 2015? So here they are. I didn't include any PR goals because I figure those are a given. (I amazed myself by only listing one running-related goal. I must feel the need for improvement elsewhere.)
  1. Work on relieving anxiety.
  2. This is a biggie, as last year was one of my most anxious years. I feel I can do better.
  3. Do speed work.
  4. I've been saying I'll do this since I began running. It's time to put words into action.
  5. Visit a new place.
  6. There are so many cities and states I have yet to visit, it would be silly not to.
  7. Do more yoga.
  8. This will help with #1. Plus, it just feels good for my body and soul.
  9. Eat less sugar.
  10. I developed quite the cupcake fixation last year. I'm taking baby steps to end that.
  11. Send more cards.
  12. Because I know how good it feels to receive them. (And the USPS currently sells Ray Charles stamps, so I need a good reason to get them!)
  13. Maintain better email habits.
  14. It's easier to just do it than to think about doing it.
  15. Spend less time viewing social media.
  16. This too will help with #1 and leave time for #9.
  17. Read more books.
  18. It's really just a matter of making time. I know I can do it.
  19. Judge less.
  20. I think this is always a good reminder.


B.o.B. said…
1. put me down for that too!
2. come to track!
3. come to my house in Clearwater!
4. take me with you.
5. oh my god, me too with the damn cupcakes. yikes.
6. I'll send you my address. After you visit it. (See #3)
7. Hm. I'm a maniac on that one already.
8. Me = MAJOR addict. Maybe we try to take a month off?
9. Yup. Just started a new one. My goal too!
10. Judgemental poodle over here.

All great goals and I think you can definitely measure them throughout the year. You're on your own with #10
Lee Davidson said…
I have a solution to everything:
You have a slumber party at your place. We'll start by running Yassos around the neighborhood, then cool down with yoga. We'll make a healthy snack to reward ourselves. We will avoid social media all night. Instead, we'll read to each other from newly selected books. I won't judge your selection. Afterward, I'll mail you a thank-you card for the wonderful slumber party. When you email me to thank me for the thank-you card, I'll reply right away with a thank-you email. All of this will make me feel like I'm on top of things and therefore reduce my overall anxiety. Sound like a plan?

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