Friday, February 14, 2014

100 Runs

This past Tuesday, I ran my 100th run at the Four Green Fields Running Club. I joined this club as a newish runner some time back in 2011, in a effort to get to know other runners (which didn't really work out the way I expected it would, but actually led to greater experiences). At first I attended religiously but then petered out in the summer time, when 6:00 p.m. in Florida is just too hot to run. I'd come back when the weather cooled off, and then go away when I was injured. And so forth. So while 100 runs would normally be completed in under two years, with regular attendance, I've finally achieved this benchmark after close to three years. All of this said, earning 100 runs in this club is still not common. Many people come and go and never come back. So I was still greatly anticipating this evening, even though I wasn't sure I'd even be able to run, given my recent foot pain.

But I was able to get my 5k run in without pain, and a couple of friends stuck around with me afterward until "t-shirt time," when the organizers announce the names of those who've earned t-shirts and patches for 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 runs. I actually wasn't even expecting a t-shirt--that must be something new. From what I understood, they just gave a patch (in the upper left-hand corner of the picture--another glass of Guinness) for 100 runs. But this t-shirt is new and updated from the old one, so I was extra happy to receive it.

As this t-shirt depicts, one goal of the club is to run and then drink and socialize afterward. I'm not so great at the after part, but I still really like this club because (1) I almost always know somebody there, (2) it's not very rigid; runners can show up when they want and run whatever distance they want--although the main distance is 3.1 miles, (3) employees from the local running store Feet First (my favorite) regularly come out to the run along with shoe company reps and allow runners to demo the newest shoes on the market, and (4) the club provide incentives for regular attendance. I like anything that helps keep me accountable.

If you're in the Tampa area and haven't yet checked out this pub-sponsored run, here's your invitation to give it a go. Every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. Membership is a one-time fee of $3. Hope to see you out there!


B.o.B. said...

I never kept any track of how many I've done. I don't even check in anymore. I'm the worst. LOL! But congrats to you! ahaha

Lee Davidson said...

In the scheme of things, running 3.1 miles once per week is not very impressive. But I need benchmarks--important or not--to make me feel like I'm accomplishing things in life. Even if it is just running 3.1 miles, once per week, over the course of three years. Go me!

Gwen said...
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The Padre said...

Yo Lee, running x amount a week is TOTALLY awesome. Congrats on running w/a club, getting out for a little social hour, & having a "leader" track and deliver goodies is awesome. Keep the spirit alive & enjoy the next 100. Even if you are walking 3.1 miles every other week. Cheers