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MCM14 Training, Week 2

Avg Pace
Monday, 7/21Regular Run49:24
Tuesday, 7/22Regular Run59:21
Wednesday, 7/23Regular Run49:19
Thursday, 7/24Regular / Speed 4.38 / 39:26 / 9:17
Friday, 7/25Rest0--
Saturday, 7/26Long Run1310:02
Sunday, 7/27Mini Strength-Train0--

Total Weekly Mileage: 33.38 (that's .38 miles more than I needed!)

Normally, I would start a training plan with Week 1; however, given my special circumstances, I was pretty much out for the count during my first "official" week of training. So I started with Week 2 and tried really hard to catch up. To my own amazement, I did. At this point, I'm really just running the miles, hence all of the Regular Runs. Even my attempt at a "speed" run wasn't very speedy. But I forgive myself--for now. I spent a week after my surgery not doing any exercise at all and also eating less than usual because it was just too difficult. So when I tried to come back to a full week of training, I really felt the declined stamina. I decided I still wanted to aim to do the 13-mile long run on my training plan for Saturday, but I was prepared for how ugly it might be.

I planned to run alone, in case of any mishaps, but I knew other runners would be out with me. I decided to start at Channelside and run the main Davis Islands loop and back, which gave me almost 13 miles--I had to run a quarter mile extra at the end. I started extra early, a little past 5:30 a.m. I don't like being in the sun too much for my long runs, so the more I can do pre-dawn, the better. And based on the fact that I couldn't seem to run for longer than five miles earlier in the week (see Thursday's split runs), I imagined I would need to stop a lot or walk some, and I wanted to allow time for this. But the main thing that ended up plaguing me was a slight muscle pull on my inner thigh fairly early in the run. This just made me give a more concerted effort to slowing down--fine by me. I was able to complete the run without too much stopping, and no walking. My thigh was hurting pretty badly in the end, though, so I knew I'd need to take care of it so it didn't become an actual injury. This was the farthest I'd run since the Clearwater Marathon, before my foot injury and significant pain developments. So it was a rather nice milestone to achieve.

The obligatory watch picture.

This week I've been on track with my runs so far, and the leg thing doesn't seem to be anything major. I have a new foot pain, but it's manageable so far. I've learned that some pain will always be present in my body, and I just have to learn to either treat it or manage it.

I'd like to incorporate more strength-training and cross-training, but I just can't decide how best to do that. I feel like my needs have changed, and I want something less intense than what I was doing before, but more regular. If only I were the self-motivated type, I could just do my own thing at home--which I actually did on Sunday, but it was only about 15 minutes of calisthenic exercises with a bit of kettlebell thrown in.

Tim and I are looking at hotels in DC, which is making me excited about both the trip and the marathon. I want to do well, but I think I care less about my time than about coming away from it still in decent shape. So while a 3:50 marathon would be really nice, I can't say it's my main goal, and I'm certainly not going to get there without upping my training (i.e., that dreadful speed work I've avoided for years). Stay tuned for a recap of Week 3, currently in progress.


Annabella said…
You can come do a jazzercise class with me to mix up your training - it's definitely not too intense :).
Lee Davidson said…
Hah. I remember trying to do a couple of these types of classes with you. They always seem to point out that one of us is the more coordinated twin :/

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