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MCM14 Training, Week 11: Get It Done

Avg Pace
Monday, 9/22Regular Run59:15
Tuesday, 9/23Regular Run810:28
Wednesday, 9/24Rest0--
Thursday, 9/25Regular Run79:57
Friday, 9/26Rest0--
Saturday, 9/27Long Run1810:01
Sunday, 9/28Rest0--

Total Weekly Mileage: 38

Last week's theme was simply to "get it done." My runs have been slower lately, but I'm getting through them and my foot seems to me handling the mileage, so I'm OK with the decreased speed. I also ran most of my runs, except for the long one, in the evenings, which my body wasn't adapted to.

Monday's run was one of the last runs of my mini vacation (at home), and perhaps that had something to do with the better pace. I was also coming off of a pretty short long run a couple days back. I guess conditions were just good for that run, which I did once more at Upper Tampa Bay Trail, after visiting with my nieces.

On the Tuesday run, because I was on my last day of mini vacay, I was reluctant to get up early in the morning to run. I started at Four Green Fields Running Club and had a particularly rough time that evening (hence the 10:28 avg. pace). One friend even saw me running back and said he noticed I was "struggling" and thought he'd help run me back in. I'm glad he did--I might otherwise still still be out there. Because I started running in the evenings, which meant running in the sun--a thing I generally avoid, my body had a hard time adapting to the time change. On top of that, my stomach wasn't accustomed to running later in the day, so it was acting up during my evening runs.

I started a new job on Wednesday (I promise to post about that soon), and I had to begin work earlier than in my other job--like, by nearly an hour. So I continued my streak of evening runs, hoping they would get better. As an additional excuse for a poor performance week, I think all of the anxiety and energy that goes into starting a new job caused me to be a little more tired than usual, as I was just dragging through a couple of runs. 

On Thursday evening I accepted beforehand that I might not have a great run, so I just decided to get through it and not worry about pace. It wasn't as painful as Tuesday's run, though I still didn't want to make the evening runs a regular thing (which I was able to address this week at work). 

On Saturday I got through the 18 miler, in Flatwoods, just fine, thankfully. Although I've been feeling different types of pain in my foot, almost as if the pain is just shifting around, I think I can continue to run through it. I don't really feel as though it will cause a serious injury if I keep running. 

My stats for the week show a glaring lack of any cross-training activities--especially compared to previous years of training--and I blame that, too, on starting a new job. It's something I want to fix, but one thing at a time. This year has just been tough, for a number of reasons. I feel I'm accomplishing a lot by just doing my marathon training; perhaps I'll be able to get to a better place in the future when the running part feels like second nature and I can spend more energy on other activities.

For tomorrow, I have 20 miles--my first and last, since my previous effort didn't work out. I feel this will be the ultimate test on my foot. If I get through that, it's just a matter of tapering down for three weeks before the marathon, and I can truly look forward to the event.


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