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MCM14 Training, Week 12: All Systems Go

Avg Pace
Monday, 9/29Regular Run69:41
Tuesday, 9/30Regular Run99:55
Wednesday, 10/1Rest0--
Thursday, 10/2Regular Run79:44
Friday, 10/3Rest0--
Saturday, 10/4Long Run219:57
Sunday, 10/5Yoga0--

Total Weekly Mileage: 43

Last week was the week I was waiting for. It was the peak of my training schedule, and my success or failure in getting through it would, I believed, determine whether I'd be able to go into MCM feeling capable. And I was successful! So much, in fact, that I ran one extra mile than I'd planned for my long run (but mostly because I misjudged the distance).

I didn't run the full distances on my training plan during the week, as I've still been hesitant about my foot, but I didn't feel my long run was negatively impacted because of it. For the first time in a while, I ran with two other friends who are also running the marathon. I'd gotten so accustomed to running by myself that I forgot how much I enjoyed running with others--others who run my same pace and whose company I genuinely enjoy. That factor definitely made the run go by faster, and easier. I think sometimes I let my social anxiety get in the way of running with others, but this was a good lesson for me to open up more to partner and group runs.

Trying to get more artsy with my watch photos. 

My recovery throughout the day was not too bad--thanks in part to a wonderful deep-tissue massage. But after that I felt utterly exhausted. I always have grand visions of celebrating long runs with a nice night out on Saturday evenings, dinner and drinks, but in reality I rarely have the energy for it. My weekends pretty much revolve around the long run. I got to bed early Friday nights so I can wake up pre-dawn Saturday morning to run long, and then I go to bed early Saturday nights because I'm just too tired to stay awake. Such is the cost of marathon training. And for the most part, that's just fine with me.

Now I'm in official taper mode, and I've returned to full mileage this week, since it's decreased anyway. I'm back to morning running, thanks to a partnership with my new place of work and the health club across the street, which I use solely for showering. This saves me lots of time in the morning and keeps me from having to drive back and forth across town. And the weather--folks, it's autumn in Florida! While that still may mean 89-degree highs, it also means less humidity and cooler temps in the mornings and evenings. This shift in the weather, though slight, is such a relief from the oppression of summer training.

I still have 16 miles on the books for Saturday, but after that the last long run is only 10 miles! That's barely a double digit. I'm finally able to look forward to the race and the trip. Thanks for sticking with me through this tenuous journey. Only a couple more weeks to go, and I promise more positivity!


B.o.B. said…
Hooray! You are so close and doing so awesome. You freakin' got this.

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