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MCM14 Training, Week 10: Let It Rain

Avg Pace
Monday, 9/15Regular Run49:23
Tuesday, 9/16Regular Run79:37
Wednesday, 9/17Yoga0--
Thursday, 9/18Regular Run69:31
Friday, 9/19Rest0--
Saturday, 9/20Long Run12.459:56
Sunday, 9/21Rest0--

Total Weekly Mileage: 29.45

Last week was my cautious comeback to training. I cut back my weekly runs by a few miles overall, and I only had a twelve-mile long run on the schedule, which was very timely. Because this was my week off in between old job and new job, I was tempted, each morning, to sleep in and gave in to that temptation, each morning. So I ran in the evenings, which is doable at this time of year with the ever so slight shift toward cooler temperatures. 

I ran at the Upper Tampa Bay Trail on Monday, which I haven't run in probably a year. I enjoy this trail for shorter runs; it has several trailheads and is a little more than seven miles overall. Depending on where you start, it can feel like you're bouncing around from trailhead to trailhead, rather than running a loop or an out-and-back--and I prefer the latter two options for longer runs because I have fewer interruptions and can remain focused for more time. But the trail is enjoyable because it has lots of shading from trees, water provided at several locations, and restrooms at two trailheads. And there's also a bridge--an overpass that is steep enough for this Florida girl to feel as though she did some elevation training.  

My other two runs were on Bayshore, the default training ground. Then I ran once again with the Sharks for my long run Saturday. I felt pretty confident going into this run, as it was a shorter long run. But when I woke up early Saturday morning, I thought I heard rain. I asked Tim if it was raining (he's smarter than I am that early in the morning), and he in fact said that it was. We both thought for a second about going back to bed, but as we were already dressed, we decided to make the short drive over to see what the weather was like on Davis Islands. Often with these summertime rains, it will be raining in one neighborhood and not in another one nearby. But the rain was really just sprinkles, albeit annoying ones. And it was at our run spot, too. But seeing other runners out doing their warmup miles made us feel as though we had no excuse not to run. I actually don't mind running in light rain--it's getting started in it that's uncomfortable. And puddles. In the dark. I don't like those because my shoes get squishy and I can't do anything about it.

As usual, I ended up running at the back of the pack, solo (why does everyone always pass me?). Normally I prefer it that way, but there was something slightly eerie about running alone this time. Perhaps it was the added darkness from clouds that prevented the gradual lightening of the sky that I'd become accustomed to. Or maybe it was the smaller gathering of runners and knowing for certain that nobody was behind me. Nevertheless, I was getting my miles done with no serious pain. And right around the halfway point, after taking a water break, I started back running and noticed a few more rain drops here and there and thought they seemed a just little heavier than before. Before I knew it, I was full-on rain-running, puddles and all. My pace slowed, as there was wind, too, but I didn't really care. Granted, that's a tough way to finish a long run, but I'll take it over oppressive heat and swampy humidity, which is how I spent most of the summer training.

After successfully completing my run, I got to visit my family in Orlando for my sweetheart-niece's third birthday party. These trips always feel like the best reward after a long run.

Is she cute, or is she cute?

She insisted on pushing me on the swing, and I had to be very careful not to knock her over each time I swung back!

And now that the present week of training is coming to a close, I can report that I've had some very rough evening runs, but I've done the mileage. I'm not sure what this portends for Saturday's 18-miler, but my mindset now is to just get through it. Check back to see if I did ;)


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