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MCM14 Training, Week 9: The Rollercoaster Continues

Avg Pace
Monday, 9/8Rest0--
Tuesday, 9/9Rest0--
Wednesday, 9/10Rest0--
Thursday, 9/11Yoga0--
Friday, 9/12Regular Run39:43
Saturday, 9/13Long Run159:41
Sunday, 9/14Rest0--

Total Weekly Mileage: a whopping 18

Last week was a rest week. I wanted to give my foot a chance to make up its mind as to whether it was going to do this race or not. It appears to be leaning toward yes--though the extent to which I'll actually be "racing" is very much in question. And that's OK. 

I learned last week that the deadline to defer or transfer a bib to another runner has passed. So basically I'm stuck being signed up for it. In a way, that's good; it means I don't have to make a difficult decision. Everything is booked--race, flight, hotel. Very worst case scenario--I am too hurt to run at all, and I spectate. But I don't think it will come to that. I've long abandoned the idea of running a PR, and that's perfectly fine for me. So now I just plan to carefully get through training and run or run/walk the race at a comfortable pace.

I was able to get through a 15-mile long run this past Saturday, and my foot felt good in the days following. I went to Davis Islands to run with the Sharks, thinking I'd at least do one loop (almost 10 miles) and then see how I felt from there. But before I even started, I heard a familiar, friendly voice. It was Beth! We live on opposite sides of the bay, so we don't often train in the same areas. She enticed me to run with her and her friend Megan, both of whom are training for a full-on, real-deal Iron Man. They're hardcore. I said I wasn't so sure about what I'd be able to do, but she said they were running 10s (10 minutes per mile), and that was good for me, so I decided to run with them and see how it went. When I'd gotten about halfway through and was feeling good, I decided to stick with them through their mileage of 15. Right before mile 13 I started to feel a sort of snap of pain in my foot, and I thought, that's it. But I kept running, slowing my pace, and it didn't get any worse. Beth and Megan went ahead of me to finish--they were finishing their last long run before their big race, so they had a lot more incentive to get it done! I trudged behind and made it back a couple minutes later, not too much worse for the wear. 

The rest of the day I felt fine. Granted, I'd taken four days off from doing anything that week, but still. Going forward into my training for the week, I decided to cut down the mileage in my weekly runs, hoping that would make a positive difference. So far I think it has. I continue to see Pete at UltraSports Massage Therapy every other week, and I think his sessions really help. 

I'm going into a weekend with only a 12-mile long run, so I think I should survive that just fine. What's a little more concerning is the next weekend, and the one after that, with 18- and 20-mile long runs, respectively. But that's in the future. I'm focusing on now, and right now I'm doing pretty good.


B.o.B. said…
So glad we got to run together. I hope your foot continues to feel good and you can get in those long runs. Happy training!

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