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2014 Year in Review

In line with last year's 2013 Year in Review, I wanted to do something similar for 2014, but with a separate new year "goals" post to follow. 

2014 began on a good note with a marathon PR at the Clearwater Marathon

A happy finish with my adorable niece running behind me!

and then quickly declined after injuring my foot.

I got to wear leggings like every day.

After taking six weeks off, I felt recovered enough to run an "easy" Iron Girl half-marathon in April

Just happy to have made it through uninjured!

and then moved through highs and lows as I began summer training for the Marine Corps Marathon and transitioned to a new job in September, after more than 12 years of working at USF.

My good-bye picture as I drove away on my last, sad day.

I trained through some still-lingering foot pain for 15 weeks, but in the end, I successfully completed the Marine Corps Marathon in October, exceeding my goal. 


Things got hectic right after the race. I went on my annual family trip to Ohio, which coincided with Halloween.

Very cold Floridians in front of our rented country house in Yellow Springs.

Me with "Dorothy," trick-or-treating in Yellow Springs.

Then birthdays and holiday events rolled in one after another, and through all that I went through more major changes in my personal life. At the very end of the year, though, I felt firmly on my feet and content with where I was in life, and that's saying a lot.

2014 Year Running Totals:

Not as good as last year, but I took a couple months off total due to injury.

Already, I've started the new year off right by running this morning, still trying to find my favorite way through my new neighborhood.

Though slightly, my pace is coming back down!

In addition to running, I hope to incorporate more of this:

I recently returned to boot camp after way too long of a hiatus!

as well as biking. I traded in both my cruiser and road bike for a more suitable (for me) hybrid. I bought one that I really loved

and then decided I wanted to upgrade to a slightly better version (on order)--just in case there are any triathlons in my future ;-)

I have no idea what 2015 will bring me, but if 2014 has taught me anything, it's that I know I'll be able to handle whatever comes my way. Late last year, I rediscovered a necklace that a USF friend had given in a prior year, and it couldn't have been more timely and relevant:

The inscription says, "All the strength you need is right there inside you."


Anonymous said…
Best wishes for a healthy, joyful 2015. See ya at boot camp!
Anonymous said…
Whoops! Anonymous = Melanie B.
Lee Davidson said…
Thanks, Melanie! Same to you. I definitely plan to see you out there :)
shirley said…
Thrilled you've found that "strength". Moving forward should be a little easier now. Happy New Year Sweet Girl.

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