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2015 Goals

I promised a post on 2015 goals. Before I do that, I want to look back on 2014's list of goals to see how they panned out (I'm scared!):

2014's Goals in Review
  1. Work on relieving anxiety.
  2. This one gets a "halfway met," because while I feel I tried to work on it, I didn't get very far and still was overcome with crippling anxiety at times. By the very end of the year, though, I felt my best.
  3. Do speed work.
  4. Not met. Not close.
  5. Visit a new place.
  6. Sadly, no. I traveled, but to the same places I've been.
  7. Do more yoga.
  8. Nope. I did do some, but I had a really hard time finding a studio that felt like my yoga home. The only place I really looked forward to was Curtis Hixon Park, which has yoga in the park each Sunday. There's just something more freeing being outside, in a an unconfined area. Perhaps I'm just lacking discipline.
  9. Eat less sugar.
  10. Met! I had very few cupcakes this year. And I didn't replace them with anything else. One way I kicked my cupcake obsession was to "unlike" my local Gigi's store page on Facebook (visit site with caution).
  11. Send more cards.
  12. Yep. I had more occasions to send cards--about dozen interviews for one job, for example--but it all counts. And I still haven't touched my Ray Charles stamps--I think I'm going to hold onto them.
  13. Maintain better email habits.
  14. Overall, yes. I still have an immediate reaction upon opening some emails to close them and mark as unread, because I don't want to deal with them, but I am dealing with them better and sooner, because I know it keeps me from getting stressed.
  15. Spend less time viewing social media.
  16. This gets another halfway. I was more conscious of my goal earlier in the year, which helped me avoid social media sometimes, and then when I started my new job I avoided it altogether (which I did not do at my former job). But I slipped toward the end of the year, when I had trouble sleeping, and when I decided I could just check social media on my phone at work. Still need to do some work on this.
  17. Read more books.
  18. I finished one whole book for pleasure and started two others. This is better than the previous year, I think--but still pitiful given the time in a year. I did make strides in freeing up my weekend and evening time by dropping freelance projects, and, going forward, I plan to use some of this free time reading more. 
  19. Judge less.
  20. It's a constant effort and constantly on my mind, so I think as long as I'm always making that effort, I'm accomplishing my goal.

2015 Goals
  1. Get back into top running shape.
    It's time for some PRs. This means I might just need to do that dreaded speed work.
  2. Ride my new bike.
    I don't have it quite yet, but when I get it, I want to use it for both in-town riding and exercise. That was the point of trading in my cruiser and road bike for a hybrid.
  3. Visit a new place.
    Since I failed at this last year, it automatically gets put back on the list. And I already have plans to do that--Pittsburgh, for a professional conference; and hopefully Outer Banks, NC, for a fall marathon!
  4. Spend more time with girlfriends.
    I always love this time and find it so fulfilling--not to discriminate, but it's irreplaceable (sorry, guys).
  5. Do what scares me.
    Sometimes these are little things, like running a new route, or committing to social events. Sometimes they're bigger, like putting myself out there at work through writing, or basically doing anything new and unfamiliar. But I've found the only way to overcome the fear is to do the thing.
  6. Read more books.
    I think this is always on my list. I joke to myself that I'm a terrible English major, because I have no idea what's going on in the world of literature at most times. And I love books, but I have a hard time focusing. But, as with number 5 above, the only way to get better at reading--and subsequently writing--is to do more of it. Book club, anyone??
  7. Give myself more credit.
    Like most people I know, I am my own worst critic. I can be terribly hard on myself for mistakes and blame myself for things out of my control. But I often fail to appreciate all the ways that I take care of myself--physically, emotionally, professionally, etc. Sometimes when I accomplish something lately I'll even pat myself on the back (not usually in public). It's a nice feeling.
  8. Budget better.
    I can be kind of an impulse buyer. If a so-so item is deeply discounted, sometimes I'll buy it because the sale is so good. But I still end up with an item I didn't really want or need. And that I didn't budget for. I've actually made a realistic budget for myself, with the purpose of saving, so now I just need to stick to it. Heh.
  9. Be successful at work.
    Hopefully this will be easy to measure in a year, as I'm still a new employee. But I really want to do well at my job--(1) because I left a place I was very fond of for it, and (2) because I care about making a valuable contribution to an organization. 
  10. Listen to more music.
    I love music. And I have a lot of music that I love. But I rarely listen to it. When I first moved into my new place, I had no Internet on the first couple of days, and I had placed my turntable and records in the living room so they were more accessible. While I set up my condo, I played my favorite records--Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, Bessie Smith--and loved it so much. I just need to remember to take time to do it. It transforms me.
These are all kind of random goals, but they're the things on my mind now. I'm sure I'll succeed at other things not on the list and not meet my own expectations in ways also not listed. But at least I'll be able to look back and see what it is I wanted out of myself and life at the beginning of 2015 and evaluate my progress.

Here's hoping you all meet your written or unwritten goals for the new year!


shirley said…
Even though you did number 5 in 2014 I would think changing jobs would make up for it in the new year. I thought about you when you announced that you changed jobs. It had to have been scary and you really showed determination and strength in moving forward. And I hope you don't give up Facebook (again your 2014 goal) when it comes to controlling your social media. Getting on FB to stay in touch with you and everyone else in Florida was the main reason I got on FB. However, one of my goals last year was to start sending more cards or letters instead of saying best wishes etc. on FB. I met that goal pretty well and plan on continuing and improving it this y year. Much love Sweet Girl and of course luck with your new list of resolutions.
Lee Davidson said…
Thanks for your perspective and encouragement, Shirley! And just to clarify--I don't want to leave social media or stop posting/blogging, but I have found myself mindlessly scrolling through feeds and looking at/reading things that have little value to me, or that even stress me out. That's the kind of behavior I'd like to change. Love staying connected to faraway relatives (and receiving lovely cards!) :)
B.o.B. said…
These are great goals! I read on my lunch break a lot. I like the mind break and I enjoy the quiet time while I eat.

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